Back to School: Backpacks!

Being a teacher and a mom of a soon to be Kindergartener, I cannot believe that we are already talking back to school. Since it will be here before we know it, I have been getting things together for the start of school.

Up until this year, the boys have always had monogrammed, seersucker backpacks. Grayson will continue to use his for this upcoming school year, and I just bought Preston this one.

I remember starting a new school year when I was in elementary school and being SO excited about my new backpack each year. When I asked Hunter what kind of backpack he wanted, I knew the answer I was going to get – Ninjago. Hunter loves the Lego Ninjagos to play with and the show, so it was only fitting for him to want that for a backpack. So, I was on the hunt for a Ninjago backpack that Hunter and I would approve of (a hard task – haha). We ended up settling on this one. Hunter is thrilled and my mama heart is happy for him.

While I was searching (and searching) for Hunter’s new backpack I came across so many that I liked and hadn’t seen before! Being a teacher, I see the same backpacks (in a different pattern) over and over again. So if you are searching for something a bit different than the standard backpack that every child has – search no further! See my favorites below.

Toddler Backpacks

blue check * pink check * colorblock * dinosaur * lilac * navy

Girl Backpacks

coral * floral * pink marble * barbie * 70s rainbow * sage check

Boy Backpacks

blue * ninjago * puma * cream (this one has Star Wars interior) * under armour * gray

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