Wellness Wednesday-Kids Edition

With back to school in full force we are highlighting our favorite products that we use with our kids to help keep them healthy and feeling great! Anything to avoid a cold or a sickness and we love these products! We each use different things with our kids so see below to see our picks!

Kelly’s Picks:

Currently sold out on Amazon but you can get them at Walmart
The boys love all these vitamins!
Probiotics help with the boys eczema
So important now that school is back in session!

Michelle’s Picks:

Multivitamin that Kylie takes every morning
Immunity Gummies that our whole family takes every morning
We take this every morning and it’s tasteless so Kylie enjoys it
These vapor wipes are perfect on little noses

Also if you’re in the market for a new thermometer we just got this one and love it-it’s so easy to use!

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