L’ange Hair Products

We recently received a fun delivery from L’ange, a company we love that sells hair products and tools. We have mentioned about them before, Kelly uses their brushes. We wanted to go through the products and tools that they sent us because we love them so far! We have been using them since we received them and are loving how all the products help our hair feel and keep it healthy. And the tools we have received are a wonderful and so easy to use.

Glass Hair: Thermal Blowout Primer (heat protectant)! Activated by the heat of your dryer, this blowout primer helps to smooth out rough, dry, frizz-prone hair.
Root Booster: If applying on damp hair, spray at the roots and blow dry with a round brush. If applying on dry hair (for a more dramatic result), apply at the roots, rub in lightly with your fingertips, and let it sit for a few seconds. Then push up against your roots where applied for a quick root boot.
Manage Marula Oil and Hydrating Mist: This hydrating formula revives and nourishes dry and damaged hair. You only need a few sprays and your hair looks super soft and shiny! It also has antioxidant properties and UV Protectant.
Thermal magique: This is a must any time you’re using heat on your hair. Use on wet or dry hair. 
Salt + Sea Spray: Use as a finishing step for a beachy textured look and to add hold to your curls. Kelly has also started using this on Preston’s hair to to help tame his curls a bit!

Le Volume 75mm: The Le Volume is a combined volumizing round brush and high speed hair dryer in one! The titanium barrel makes your hair shine. Note: comes in two sizes, 75mm (the one Michelle has) for shoulder length or longer 60mm for shorter hair.
Le Duo: Curl or straighten your hair with one tool… yes please! And the titanium plates are great because you can also use this straightener and touch up your roots or the ends of your hair if you would like. Kelly uses the straighten aspect for the ends of her hair with the Le Duo. Also, traveling light but not sure if you are going to want to curl or straighten your hair? This tool would be a game changer then!

Have you tried any products or tools from L’ange?! We cannot recommend them enough!

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