Christmas 2021 Gift Guide for the Teacher/Caregiver

It’s time to show some love for all the teachers and caregivers out there! Being teacher ourselves, we always SO appreciate it when our students (and their families) think of us during this holiday season. It is never something that we expect but the gesture, no matter how big or small, doesn’t go unnoticed and we are extremely thankful.

Whether your children are school aged or in a daycare setting, it is nice to say thank you to those that are with our children majority of the day. So we wanted to give you some ideas that you could pair with a gift card. Although we have come up with some items that you could give, if you are a person that feels strongly about giving a wrapped gift, we definitely feel that giving the gift of a gift card is always best for teachers/caregivers. Every teacher has such different styles, preferences, and likes that we feel it is safest/best to go the route of a gift card. That being said, I totally understand the desire of wanting to give a thought through gift – so here are some ideas that will not break the bank that you could still add a gift card to!

*Personalized Stationery – a simple flat notecard with their full name give the teacher the ability to use it at school or outside of the classroom as well.
*Water Bottle – we’ve posted this before but wanted to share it here because it is that good! Teachers talk a lot and don’t have the time to fill water bottles throughout the day – this water bottle is perfect because it lasts all day long!
*Lip Gloss – this set is 50% off right now with the code CYBERSZN
*Corckcicle Tumbler – this is always a pretty safe choice for a gift for anyone
*Cookies – who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?!
*Starbucks Cup – this adorable cup can hold all the cold drinks, not just coffee!

What are gifts that you like giving to your teachers?

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