Small Business Saturday

We know today is black friday but we are not covering those sales today. There are so many other people who do such a great job with coverage and we know it can be overwhelming to sift through all the different sales. So we wanted to focus on something a bit different today. With tomorrow being Small Business Saturday, we wanted to take today to get you prepared to shop some of our favorite small businesses. Some of these places do have Black Friday sales happening so you should definitely check them out either today or tomorrow. All of these small businesses that we are highlighting here are ones that we have consistently bought from and are staples in our families and homes.

*Fontana Candle Company – we love this clean candle brand
*Ellington Paper Company – you all know our favorite place to get our gift tags, stationery, christmas cards, etc
*Grow Fragrance – a toxin free, plant based air + fabric freshener that smells so so good!
*Smaller Things – the boys love their “Chicago Jams” but they now have Texas, NYC, LA, and birthday themed pajamas!
*Stephen Joseph – Kylie’s favorite water bottles (see the boys favorite water bottles here – from etsy)
*Fig + Olive – the only soap I will use on the boys, they have such sensitive skin. I also use this soap and lotion too!
*Mixy – become an expert mixologist with this mason jar, all you need to do is add the alcohol of your choice and then wait!
*Just Ingredients – this facial scrub and serum combination is a dream on your face, what makes them even better is that all the ingredients are clean and super beneficial for you and your skin!

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