Fitness Resolutions

Starting a New Year always means one thing… the gyms are crowded. About 6 months ago, Rob and I swapped out our gym membership for the Tonal. Best decision! Having a gym at home means no crowds, no travel time, and I don’t have to worry about scheduling my day around a specific class I want to take. I have the ability to create my own workouts, choose a program to do over the course of a couple weeks, or do a live class.

This year, I think my fitness resolution would have to be to take the time at the end of my workout to stretch. This is not always a priority for me in the past couple of years, it is an easy part to skip over, and I can tell the difference. Whether or not you have a fitness resolution, you could probably use some new athleisure… always, am I right? Here are some of my favorite athleisure pieces to bring me into the new year and inspire my fitness resolutions.

What are your fitness resolutions this year?

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