Grayson is 5!

We had the best time celebrating Grayson turning 5 this past week, I cannot believe that our sweet little G-money is already 5 years old! We had family over for a little dinner party on Saturday night and spent the morning at the splash pad on Sunday. Last night we had a nice evening just the five of us with dinner, mouse trap, and of course more cake.

Sweet baby Grayson at his newborn shoot and now as a 5 year old!

Party Details
Grayson wanted a Spiderman theme for his birthday this year. When I saw this backdrop on Etsy I knew it would be the perfect focal point – I loved seeing his sweet smile when he saw it for the first time! I made the little centerpiece, it was actually much easier than I anticipated. We got his spiderman cake from Sweet T’s Bakery in Arlington Heights and it was not only beautiful (can you say that about a spiderman cake?) but it was delicious! If you are local, then I highly recommend them. And no party (according to our boys) is complete without a pinata! We got the spiderman one from Party City

Update on Grayson
Grayson has grown-up so much this part year. He loves learning and telling us everything he learned at school. Recently he has been all about making us cards and it is seriously the most precious thing ever. Grayson is just so sweet to Rob and I and the best little and big brother. He is a homebody and loves to be with family (I pray this never changes). He is the most particular of the three boys and knows how he wants things to be done. He is a rockstar helper at folding laundry and putting things away in their proper place (another thing I pray never changes haha).

Grayson is a little peanut, we head to the dr tomorrow but he has always trended on the smaller side. As for eating, he is a boy who knows what he likes and doesn’t want to try anything that is new. He will try almost anything we ask him to but typically the response is the same, no thank you! haha He loves oatmeal, yogurt, hotdogs, pizza, and apples.

Grayson is currently taking ski lessons up in Wisconsin for the next couple of weeks. I am so excited for him (and H is doing snowboarding) and can’t wait to take ski trips in the future! He will also start up ISR (swimming) again for 2 weeks in March. Then this summer he will start t-ball! This is such a fun age because he is now able to join leagues and really tell me what he wants to participate in.

We love you Grayson!

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