Beach Essentials: for the kids

Yesterdays spring line launch with Minnow Swim made me realize how close spring break actually is! This year we are taking a trip to the beach for spring break. To say that I am excited is a complete understatement! But I am also completely unprepared.. so I started looking through the boys clothes/shoes and making a list of things I need to get them before we head south. I found items for both boys and girls and think that they are both adorable.

  1. Towels – the pink towel (they have other color options) is from etsy and the blue towel is from Cecil and Lou
  2. Initial Hats – both hats are from etsy, the pink one comes in other color options as well. Here is the pink hat and here is the navy hat
  3. Natives – so many color options! Here are the pink and here are the blue
  4. Sunglasses – I always buy cheap sunglasses for the boys because they always get forgotten places! Here are the pink sunglasses and here are the black ones (these come in a pack of three)
  5. Swimwear – like I said, Minnow Swim is our favorite swim brand. I love that they are shorter for boys swim shorts. I picked out the same pattern for both the girls suit and the boys suit here. They have SO many different styles and patterns to be able to mix and match with siblings.

Spring break cannot get here soon enough. This family of five is ready for fun in the sun!

Are you going anywhere for spring break?!

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