Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We are just under 3 weeks away from Mother’s Day! With it quickly approaching, we wanted to give you some ideas for what to get your mom, grandmother, aunt, friend, any female in your life really. This gift guide is specifically for the mom that likes to be pampered, who likes to take care of herself, and enjoys a spa day… obviously at home, who has time to actually go to the spa?!

ice roller * eye mask * brush * facial steamer * eye cream * towel warmer * light therapy mask * self tanning drops * candle * pillowcase

Ice Roller – depuffs, shrink pores, and helps with migraines
Eye Mask – my favorite eye masks, leaves your undereyes smooth and makes you look awake!
Mason Pearson Brush – obsessed with this brush! If you want a gift that will make your mom feel spoiled, this is it.
Facial Steamer – this is on my list of wants for sure, talk about a luxury
Eye Cream – SiO Beauty makes great skin care products and this eye cream is no joke (use code KELLY15 for a discount at checkout!)
Towel Warmer – my boys love having warm towels after a shower or bath!
Light Therapy Mask – I want to try this SO badly! I’ve heard great things!
Self Tanning Drops – how I look alive through the sunless winter months in Chicago
Candle – my absolute favorite candle brand
Silk Pillowcase – good for your hair & skin, this is a win for me!

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