Gift Guide: for the hostess

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted on here, I want to start getting better at it again, I figured, no better time than holiday season to get me in check! Now that we are past Halloween, I wanted to start posting gift guides. I’ll be posting one per week, every Wednesday from now until Christmas.

I figured I would start with a gift guide for the hostess, since you will probably be needing those gifts the earliest – with holiday parties starting soon! So, here are some ideas for a hostess gift.. hope this little guide helps. Happy holiday season ๐Ÿ™‚

Stationary – if you’ve followed along for a bit, you know I only use Ellington Paper Company for all of my paper goods! The best part is, you can get the stationary personalized or not!
Cocktail napkins – these Austin Morgan napkins are adorable and fun!
Champagne coupe – such a pretty gift that the hostess could use year round
Candle and Electric lighter – my favorite candle company and the most genius lighter (I love mine!)
Cheese platter – perfect for the Christmas season – for a non-Christmas option, I love this one from anthro
Cocktail book – recipes from all around the world, such a fun gift
Polaroid camera – something that the hostess could use at the party that night, and in the future
Tea napkins – these are so pretty to hang in your kitchen

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