Gift Guide: For Him

I have gotten a number of people asking me to get together a gift guide for the guys in your lives. Whether it’s a husband, boyfriend, father, whoever – men are hard to shop for sometimes. So, here it is!

long sleeve * hat * joggers * neck massager * pizza oven * foot massager * shoes * decanter & glass set * ice cube mold * can cooler * camp chair * fingerless gloves * quarter zip * portable charger * cooler bag

Long sleeve – this brand is a great brand for guys that have a more muscular build. Their tops have stretch, provide more room in the arm/chest area, and taper in at the waist – they are great!
Hat – Rob’s favorite hat brand. If the guy that you are buying for is a hat guy, then you need to get him this one – there are many other colors too
Joggers – these Lululemon joggers are just all around a great buy. It’s an easy gift that you know will be loved and used all the time
Neck massager – we have this and love it. What guy wouldn’t want this??
Pizza oven – such a fun gift that you can use for years and years! Family pizza night just got more exciting
Foot massager – my sister and I got this for our dad for Father’s Day and he uses it all the time. Tip – if you lay down you can also use it to massage your calves
Shoes – because their 9 other gym shoes aren’t enough… you should probably get them another pair. haha but in all honesty – these shoes are such a staple. Rob got his years ago and still wears them regularly
Decanter & glass set – this item is definitely a splurge but it would be so appreciated for those old-fashioned loving gentlemen
Ice cube mold – you can use these molds for everything from whisky and cocktails to making popsicles in the summer!
Can cooler – this is a no-brainer in my opinion, no one wants to drink a warm beverage
Camping chair – this might be Rob’s favorite item that he bought this summer. It folds up so small, is super comfortable, and is quick & easy to set up. I labeled it as a camping chair but this is the chair that Rob uses when we go to the boys games too, we always get questions about it.
Fingerless gloves – sometimes the simplest gifts make the best ones
Quarter zip – you can’t go wrong with a quarter zip for a gift! This Vineyard Vines one comes a a number of colors and would be perfect for any guy in your life
Portable charger – for the person whose phone is always dying, or for long trips – this small gift will keep on giving!
Cooler bag – camping, beach, road trip, anything – you need this cooler! It also floats, which is just a fun fact!

I hope this gift guide helps! If you purchase any of these, let me know how he likes them!

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