Gift Guide: for the kids

If you have a child that you need to buy for – look no further! This gift guide would be great for both boys and girls, and there are gifts of all price points here – from $11 to $200.

glow in the dark ball
* nintendo switch * golf clubs * superhero capes & masks * building blocks * rock painting * molding clay * hoverboard * human hamster ball * writing tablet

Glow in the dark ball – the perfect gift for when it gets dark at 4:30
Nintendo switch – to keep them entertained on the airplane or on road trips
Golf clubs – for your new little golfer
Superhero capes & masks – pretend play is fun for the littlest kids and bigger kids too!
Building blocks – get their creative juices flowing with these interlocking building blocks
Rock painting – fun for the whole family to do together
Molding clay – this clay set comes with a free app where kids can learn how to create different animals!
Hoverboard – chalk this up as a gift for your kids and your husband
Human hamster ball – another gift that kids all ages (even grow up kids) will love
Writing tablet – all three boys love this, as well as my nieces – a great, simple gift for any child!

I’ll do a more gender specific gift guide at another point, but this is a great start for anyone and everyone on your list! Hope it helps!

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