Lets’s Talk… Diaper Bags

While I’m no diaper bag expert, I do know that diaper bags are all dependent upon your lifestyle and your family. So many factors go into this; number of kids, method of feeding, etc.. and there’s no ‘right or wrong’ thing to have on hand. I’ve complied a list of items that I have kept in […]

Postpartum Favorites

Two weeks ago I wrote a post (here!) on my top 10 essential postpartum items for the first 10 days. Now that I’m a little bit out of the trenches I wanted to expand on that post and update some favorites I’ve been using since Caden was born. These first couple weeks of postpartum/”4th trimester” […]

Easter Pajamas

There is no hiding that we love matching our little ones, especially in matching holiday pajamas! These pajamas are from Cecil and Lou (one of our favorites) but unfortunately they are no longer available. We have found a handful of pajamas that, if you order today, will be delivered by Friday! Just in time for […]