Apple Outfits

Apple Outfits

Happy September! Today is the first day, in the Chicagoland area, where the weather isn’t super hot. With the temperature in the 70’s and it officially being September, it is evident that fall is coming. With fall comes all the fall activities – including apple picking! Grayson wore this little outfit to school yesterday and it was perfect since they were starting their unit on apples and the letter ‘a’.

Although this outfit is old (Hunter wore it when he was 3, so 2 years old!), we love it so much and I think it is just precious. I wanted to find some similar outfits for boys and then find adorable apple outfits for girls too. This short set is this years version of the set that Grayson is wearing, it is just a mint color instead of the green that is photographed here. This short set is similar with the mint shorts but it has a white shirt instead of red. I love the royal blue gingham shorts on this short set. The embroidered name on this short set is too cute! If you aren’t into the short sets, then this apple truck shirt might be just the item for you!

As for girls, I found the sweetest bubbles from Cecil and Lou and Smocked Auctions. I adore this little diaper set! If you prefer dresses then look no further – I love this one and this one! Girls clothes are just so precious aren’t they?!

What fall themed clothes do you love dressing your littles in?

Kylie’s Leopard PJ’s

Kylie’s Leopard PJ’s

Another Nordstrom Sale win for me! Wanted to share these Tucker + Tate PJ’s that I picked up for Kylie at the Nordstrom Sale. They are a two-piece pajama set and I absolutely love the print! They are both soft and breathable and hold up great in the wash. The price point is also really great, so snag these while you can! Unfortunately they are sold out in Kylie’s size but still have baby (up to 24 months!) available. I also found this super cute tie-dye set from Tucker + Tate and all sizes available!

Baby Sizes
Big Girl, Toddler, and Little Girl sizes available

Anyone else love shopping for kids PJ’s?!

Back to School: Backpacks!

Back to School: Backpacks!

Being a teacher and a mom of a soon to be Kindergartener, I cannot believe that we are already talking back to school. Since it will be here before we know it, I have been getting things together for the start of school.

Up until this year, the boys have always had monogrammed, seersucker backpacks. Grayson will continue to use his for this upcoming school year, and I just bought Preston this one.

I remember starting a new school year when I was in elementary school and being SO excited about my new backpack each year. When I asked Hunter what kind of backpack he wanted, I knew the answer I was going to get – Ninjago. Hunter loves the Lego Ninjagos to play with and the show, so it was only fitting for him to want that for a backpack. So, I was on the hunt for a Ninjago backpack that Hunter and I would approve of (a hard task – haha). We ended up settling on this one. Hunter is thrilled and my mama heart is happy for him.

While I was searching (and searching) for Hunter’s new backpack I came across so many that I liked and hadn’t seen before! Being a teacher, I see the same backpacks (in a different pattern) over and over again. So if you are searching for something a bit different than the standard backpack that every child has – search no further! See my favorites below.

Toddler Backpacks

blue check * pink check * colorblock * dinosaur * lilac * navy

Girl Backpacks

coral * floral * pink marble * barbie * 70s rainbow * sage check

Boy Backpacks

blue * ninjago * puma * cream (this one has Star Wars interior) * under armour * gray

Coordinating Family Outfits for Summer

Coordinating Family Outfits for Summer

We’ve talked about getting family photos taken before and how I do it pretty regularly with my family, I love (it also makes me sad) seeing how the boys change and grow from year to year. Well if you are due for family photos then you are going to need some outfit inspo for summer time family photos! We’re here to help, and show you a handful of outfits we’ve done in the past.

Michelle and I approach family photos similarly but execute them differently! When choosing the perfect colorscape for photos we both typically start with the kids. We find what they will be wearing first and then coordinate our outfits and our husbands around that. There has been the occasional time when I know exactly what I want to wear and I find the boys outfits to go with it, but that is harder to me.

Michelle is not into matching as much as I am. Although having a boy and a girl lends itself to naturally not match but to coordinate. Even if Michelle had two children of the same gender, you wouldn’t see her matching her children. I, on the other hand, love matching my boys – and not just for family photos as you’ve seen over the past year.

One thing I love now is that many retailers are starting to create a ‘family’ section on their sites – it makes this whole process so much easier. When finding coordinating or matching pieces for the kids, we typically shop at Smocked Auctions, Cecil & Lou, Lily Pulitzer, and Vineyard Vines. All of these retailers have great options if you want to find both coordinating pieces or matching sets.

If I were doing family pictures right now I would wear this dress, the boys would wear these shorts with this white polo, if I had a baby boy I would put him in this bubble, if I had a younger girl she would wear this bubble or an older girl I would put in this dress, and I would have Rob wear these navy shorts and a white polo.

Lets’s Talk… Diaper Bags

Lets’s Talk… Diaper Bags

While I’m no diaper bag expert, I do know that diaper bags are all dependent upon your lifestyle and your family. So many factors go into this; number of kids, method of feeding, etc.. and there’s no ‘right or wrong’ thing to have on hand. I’ve complied a list of items that I have kept in our diaper bag that have helped me stay organized while out and about!

First and foremost, I am so glad I went with Fawn Design, The Original Diaper Bag. I used it with Kylie too and it’s such a great, high quality bag. It’s functional and sophisticated looking and I love that it can be worn multiple ways (backpack, messenger, etc.). It’s very durable (still looks new despite using it for 2.5 years now!) and love that it’s faux leather so can be easily wiped down. I have so many favorite things about this bag; the gold hardware and zippers, easily accessible pockets, and convenient top grab handle make this bag the best on the market (in my opinion).

Above are some of the contents that I keep in the bag. Since Caden is still a newborn, there isn’t much I need (i.e. I don’t need teethers or books to keep him entertained just yet) and it’s all pretty basic. I love these changing pads (see above pic!) that the bag comes with. This is great for when we are out and about and I need a clean, sanitized area to change him. Again, it’s faux leather so it’s easy to clean! Next up, I always keep a change of clothes (or two!) in the bag. I love these onesies by Posh Peanut (similar, here) and these from amazon. They are lightweight, don’t take up much room, and perfect for any occasion. Other contents include; water wipes, diapers, burp cloth, Earth Mama diaper balm, pacis, and nipple cream (this one or this one).

This also doubles as my purse so I have my personal belongings in here too…keys, wallet, sunglasses, lipgloss, etc! Surprisingly enough, the bag still feels really light and I have plenty of room to add a lot more to it as he gets bigger and needs different items!

What do you Mama’s keep in your diaper bag? Comment below! Thanks for reading 🙂

Postpartum Favorites

Postpartum Favorites

Two weeks ago I wrote a post (here!) on my top 10 essential postpartum items for the first 10 days. Now that I’m a little bit out of the trenches I wanted to expand on that post and update some favorites I’ve been using since Caden was born.

These first couple weeks of postpartum/”4th trimester” can be hard…hormones are all over the place, your body is adjusting to just giving birth, all while trying to take care of a newborn (and toddler in my case!). These items are what really helped me recover and feel my best. Also, I’m sharing my perspective from a c-section experience so keep that in mind 🙂

This first collage is is from my top 10 and then one below that are additional items that have been helpful for me!

1. Belly Band – trying to wear it as often as I can!
2. My breast friend nursing pillow – this has been a game changer for my back…the best support! 3. Huckleberry App – so great for tracking all things (feedings, diaper, etc)
4. Haakaa – love that I’ve been able to start building a stash without pumping!
5. Bassinet– we have this in our living room for daytime naps, it’s been great! Also perfect for travel!
6. Nursing Bras – these have been soo comfy
7. High waisted Undies – these have been great on my c-section incision
5. Nursing Bras – these have been soo comfy
6. Haakaa – love that I’ve been able to start building a stash without pumping!
7. High waisted Undies – these have been great on my c-section incision
8. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan – been LIVING in this daily
9. Nipple Cream – Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream and Earth Mama Nipple Cream have been my faves
10.  Lansinoh Soothies Breast Gel Pads – literally a life saver!

Other favorites:

1. Burp Cloths: these are my favorite and are used on the reg

2. Ollie Swaddle: Caden loves this swaddle!

3. Dock a Tot: Such a staple in our house right now!

4. Solly Wrap: I use this multiple times a day

5. Pads: Just keepin in real

6. Diapers and Wipes: we love these diapers and these wipes!

7. Pajamas: these onesies are the BEST! Zipper and built in mittens = the perfect combo!

8. Car Seat: We use the Nuna Pipa Lite and absolutely love it!!

Easter Pajamas

Easter Pajamas

There is no hiding that we love matching our little ones, especially in matching holiday pajamas! These pajamas are from Cecil and Lou (one of our favorites) but unfortunately they are no longer available.

We have found a handful of pajamas that, if you order today, will be delivered by Friday! Just in time for Easter weekend.

pink set * nightgown * pink onesie * white onesie * teal onesie * gray set * blue set

Happy early Easter!

Updated: What’s in my hospital bag

Updated: What’s in my hospital bag

*Hey guys!  I’ve updated this post after having Caden and have put all my thoughts on what I would/wouldn’t bring in italics at the bottom of each section! Hope this helps!

Let’s start with my bag!


  • Pajamas-I’m packing 2 pairs that are nursing friendly… these are my favorites! **used
  • Robe-one that’s not too bulky (I love my Kate Spade robe, similar one here in black) *did not use
  • Outfit for going home (aka baggy pants and loose fitting top, I’m not concerned about looking cute on my 5 minute ride home!) *used
  • Shower sandals *used
  • fuzzy socks and ugg slippers *used

Postpartum Items:

  • Nursing bra (2) and tank (2) **used
  • Bellyband *did not use mine; used one hospital provided
  • Nipple butter *did not use mine; used one hospital provided


  • Lip balm **used
  • Small selection of makeup (tinted moisturizer, maybe some eyeliner) *did not use
  • Face moisturizer **used
  • Prenatal vitamins *did not use mine; used one hospital provided
  • Hairbrush **used
  • Body wash **used
  • Toothpaste/toothbrush **used
  • Contact solution, case, glasses **used
  • Shower cap (I won’t be washing my hair there) **used
  • Hair ties **used
  • Deodorant **used


  • Phone charger **used
  • Blanket & pillow **used
  • Boppy **used
  • Snacks **used
  • Light – to have at night (those bright hospital room lights at 3am are killer!) **used

For Baby.:

  • Outfit for going home Outfit for going home **used
  • Hat **used
  • Blanket for the car **used
  • Newborn nest – absolutely obsessed with the Newborn Nest! The founder of the company is was a labor & delivery nurse and the pieces (swaddle, fitted sheet, gown, blanket, headband/bow) are made beautifully. Can’t wait to wrap Baby C in this! Also, wonderful customer service…if you’re looking for an adorable way to show off your new baby this is it! *would also make a great baby shower gift!**used
  • Mittens/hand protectors **used
  • pacifiers-not crazy about the color/design but whatever does the trick! **used

Top 10 Postpartum Items For the First 10 Days

Top 10 Postpartum Items For the First 10 Days

Can’t believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since Caden joined us! It’s been the best/hardest/sweetest/most natural (all the feelings!) transition home. The sweet moments are the best and the hard moments are hard. One thing is for certain postpartum recovery can be brutal so i’ve rounded up my 10 most used items since bringing C home with us. In no particular order…

  1. My breast friend nursing pillow – this has been a game changer for my back…the best support!

2. Huckleberry App – so great for tracking all things (feedings, diaper, etc)

3. Nipple Cream – Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream and Earth Mama Nipple Cream have been my faves

4. Lansinoh Soothies Breast Gel Pads – literally a life saver!

5. Nursing Bras – these have been soo comfy

6. Haakaa – love that I’ve been able to start building a stash without pumping!

7. High waisted Undies – these have been great on my c-section incision

8. Belly Band – trying to wear it as often as I can!

9. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan – been LIVING in this daily

10. Bassinet– we have this in our living room for daytime naps, it’s been great! Also perfect for travel!

St. Patrick’s Day Party

St. Patrick’s Day Party

Last weekend we had the sweetest little St. Patrick’s Day party with two of my girlfriends and their families and we had the best time. It has (obviously) been a while since getting all our kiddos together and it was such a joy to see them play. This little group has even added a baby since last year at this time so it was one of the first times that we were able to get everyone together, how special!

I had the best time setting up for this party and it was so simple! I bought these little pots and filled them with rolos, then sprinkled gold coins on the table and the table was set. I got festive glasses for the kids to wear along with St. Patrick’s Day necklaces. The cupcake toppers, wine bottle labels, and banner were all a free download from Catch My Party. One of my friends brought a cookie decorating kit from Sugar Bliss for the kids to enjoy, and it was such a hit! I cannot recommend Sugar Bliss enough for any type of event you are having. The cookies (and we also had cake pops) were absolutely delicious, the decorating kit came with everything you needed, and this kids loved it!