Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We are just under 3 weeks away from Mother’s Day! With it quickly approaching, we wanted to give you some ideas for what to get your mom, grandmother, aunt, friend, any female in your life really. This gift guide is specifically for the mom that likes to be pampered, who likes to take care of herself, and enjoys a spa day… obviously at home, who has time to actually go to the spa?!

ice roller * eye mask * brush * facial steamer * eye cream * towel warmer * light therapy mask * self tanning drops * candle * pillowcase

Ice Roller – depuffs, shrink pores, and helps with migraines
Eye Mask – my favorite eye masks, leaves your undereyes smooth and makes you look awake!
Mason Pearson Brush – obsessed with this brush! If you want a gift that will make your mom feel spoiled, this is it.
Facial Steamer – this is on my list of wants for sure, talk about a luxury
Eye Cream – SiO Beauty makes great skin care products and this eye cream is no joke (use code KELLY15 for a discount at checkout!)
Towel Warmer – my boys love having warm towels after a shower or bath!
Light Therapy Mask – I want to try this SO badly! I’ve heard great things!
Self Tanning Drops – how I look alive through the sunless winter months in Chicago
Candle – my absolute favorite candle brand
Silk Pillowcase – good for your hair & skin, this is a win for me!

Skin Care Routine 2022

Skin Care Routine 2022

A couple of weeks back I started trying a new brand for skin care, and I love it so far! For those that do not know, I do not have great skin at all. I have tried so many different products but haven’t found what I’ve been looking for … until now! The Inkey List is the line I have been loving.

This line is a Clean at Sephora line (which is so important to me) which means that the products are formulated without phthalates, formaldehyde, oxybenzone, parabens, sulfates, and SO much more! And they have so many different products depending on your skin type and need. If you are in the market for a new skin care routine, this one is easy, clean, and it works! Here are the products that I use…

Skin Care Routine:
*Just Ingredients – Organic Face Scrub: I do not use this everyday. I use this a couple times a week as a mask, I rub it on my face and then let it sit for about 10 minutes. After, I rinse with warm water and rub in any excess oil.
* Salicylic Acid Cleanser – this cleanser helps with breakouts
* Hyaluronic Acid – helps with hydrating skin
* Niacinamide – helps control excess oil
* C-50 Blemish Night Treatment – helps reduce blemishes and breakouts
* Brighten-i Eye Cream – helps with instant and long term illumination and brightening
* Just Ingredients – Face and Body Serum: I use this day and night and absolutely LOVE this product

All that being said – I use these products in addition to the face wash and the topical cream that my dermatologist prescribed to me years ago.

Hair Care Routine 2022

Hair Care Routine 2022

Throughout the month of January, everyone is setting resolutions, making lifestyle changes, and just doing an overall refresh of their lives. I love a good reset, but somethings don’t need to be reset! I have been using Bondi Boost hair products for a while now and I love them just as much as I did at the beginning.

The products I use are the Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner, Growth Miracle Mask, the Intensive Growth Spray, the Heat Protectant Spray, and the Hair Growth Supplement. I love how they smell and how they make my hair feel! I also love that their products are: free from parabens, silicones, and sulphates, and are cruelty-free.

I am a once a week hair washer so these products last me a LONG time, especially the conditioner and the mask because I alternate using those two products each week. Since I wash so infrequently, I always double cleanse and only condition my tips. Once my hair is towel dried I will spray in the Growth Spray and then the Heat Protectant before drying and styling. All of these products, except the vitamins, are now sold at target too! Not all Targets have them in store, the ones closest to me do not but I am hoping that, that could change in the future!

What is your hair care routine? What products do you swear by?!

L’ange Hair Products

L’ange Hair Products

We recently received a fun delivery from L’ange, a company we love that sells hair products and tools. We have mentioned about them before, Kelly uses their brushes. We wanted to go through the products and tools that they sent us because we love them so far! We have been using them since we received them and are loving how all the products help our hair feel and keep it healthy. And the tools we have received are a wonderful and so easy to use.

Glass Hair: Thermal Blowout Primer (heat protectant)! Activated by the heat of your dryer, this blowout primer helps to smooth out rough, dry, frizz-prone hair.
Root Booster: If applying on damp hair, spray at the roots and blow dry with a round brush. If applying on dry hair (for a more dramatic result), apply at the roots, rub in lightly with your fingertips, and let it sit for a few seconds. Then push up against your roots where applied for a quick root boot.
Manage Marula Oil and Hydrating Mist: This hydrating formula revives and nourishes dry and damaged hair. You only need a few sprays and your hair looks super soft and shiny! It also has antioxidant properties and UV Protectant.
Thermal magique: This is a must any time you’re using heat on your hair. Use on wet or dry hair. 
Salt + Sea Spray: Use as a finishing step for a beachy textured look and to add hold to your curls. Kelly has also started using this on Preston’s hair to to help tame his curls a bit!

Le Volume 75mm: The Le Volume is a combined volumizing round brush and high speed hair dryer in one! The titanium barrel makes your hair shine. Note: comes in two sizes, 75mm (the one Michelle has) for shoulder length or longer 60mm for shorter hair.
Le Duo: Curl or straighten your hair with one tool… yes please! And the titanium plates are great because you can also use this straightener and touch up your roots or the ends of your hair if you would like. Kelly uses the straighten aspect for the ends of her hair with the Le Duo. Also, traveling light but not sure if you are going to want to curl or straighten your hair? This tool would be a game changer then!

Have you tried any products or tools from L’ange?! We cannot recommend them enough!

SiO Beauty

SiO Beauty

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday! Today we are talking about our new obsession…SiO Beauty wrinkle patches! A couple years ago, we both started to notice the annoying wrinkle or two on our face and chest and unfortunately with age, the wrinkles just keep appearing. We bought our first wrinkle patch a couple years back and trust us when we say we are loving this product.

These patches are multi-use and they sculpt skin and boost hydration and leave such a refreshing glow. They are totally non-invasive which is one of the big reasons we love SiO!

Our Favorite Patches:

These patches would make a great gift for your mom, MIL, daughter, sister, friend, etc. or even better, treat yourself!

Dazzle Dry Review

Dazzle Dry Review

I absolutely love getting my nails done, but it is such a struggle for me. When I get a regular manicure, it typically chips on me within the first 24 hrs (not to mention the fact that I feel like I have to be so cautious with my nails for SO long after). I love that no-chip dries so quickly and lasts so long, but it is SO damaging to your nails that I do not like to do it regularly (only when I know I have back to back weekend events for a bit). So what’s the alternative? Thankfully one of my girlfriends from college introduced me to Dazzle Dry.

The picture on the left was from March 19, 2021, before we left for spring break in Florida. The picture on the right was 7 days after on March 26, 2021. You can see that there is not one chip and the manicure is still looking good!

Dazzle Dry is a four step nail system and is a great at home (or salon) polish that is a healthy/safe alternative to gel polish. The Dazzle Dry products are vegan, cruelty free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, AND quick drying. I love that their products are non-toxic and not harmful for my nails but I especially love that the product is quick drying. The first time I tried the system I timed it, 5 minutes from the moment I finished, and they were completely dry – to the point that I was able to fold and put away a load of laundry 5 minutes after I finished. That right there was enough for me to be sold.

The full four-step system with a polish is $75 and would make the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift (if you are still in need of something). I absolutely love my system and the colors that I have so far – and I cannot recommend it enough!

Our Favorite Hair Products & Tools

Our Favorite Hair Products & Tools

We both love trying out new hair tools and products whenever we hear of something new that our friends are trying but we also have some tried and true products that are in the always in use! Today we wanted to share those products and tools with you.

Michelle’s Products
Redken Blondage Purple Shampoo – Bottled blondes need a good purple shampoo to prevent the blonde from becoming brassy. It lasts a long time too because you only need to use it once a week for it to work its magic.
Redken Color Extend Blondage Conditioner – This conditioner cares for and strengths color treated blondes like no other conditioner I’ve used.
Drunk Elephant Heat Protectant – My all time favorite hair product! Protects, detangles, and smooths your hair – bonus, it is labeled a Clean at Sephora product!
Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo – This product instantly refreshes lifeless hair and is paraben, sulfate, and cruelty free!

Kelly’s Products
Attitude Living Shampoo – EWG Verified, hypoallergenic, and dermatologically-tested. This product restores and nourishes damaged hair.
Attitude Living Conditioner – Paired with the shampoo, you can expect your hair to strengthen in addition to feeling good about the ingredients you are using.
Dolce 16 Heat Protectant – Clean ingredients that work, I’ll take it! This spray detangles, protects, and moisturizes your hair.
Waterless Dry Shampoo – I have tried EVERY (well at least it feels that way) dry shampoo out there and this is the only one that I can stand the way my hair feels after using it. I can still run my hands through my hair, the product is clean, and it works – I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Our Favorite Tools
L’ange Hair Brushes – We love their Siena Paddle Brush for everyday use, their Siena Wide Vented Brush is great for detangling and wet hair, and their Siena Argan Oil Round Brush gives volume and the perfect blowout!
Mason Pearson Brush – A luxurious brush that stimulates hair follicles while exfoliating the scalp to distribute natural oils throughout our hair. Yes, it is on the pricey end but it is worth every penny in our opinion.
T3 Tools – We are obsessed with all the T3 tools we both own. Their hair dryer will provide you with the at home blowout of your dreams, in half the amount of time as your hair dryer right now!The interchangeable wand set gives you three curling tools in one and you can put any of the curling iron barrels on the base too. And although we don’t use a straightener often, when we do we are so happy with this one!

We absolutely love using these T3 hair tools!

Do you have any hair tools or products that you love? Comment below!